Gainesville Israeli Dancing with Andrew Weitzen


Israeli Dancing for Beginners

Periodically we run a formally structured series of classes for beginning dancers, covering fundamental skills for dancing and specifics for Israeli Dancing.

Great opportunity for new dancers to learn with other people like themselves, in a fun, casual environment.

At B'nai Israel, 3830 NW 16th Boulevard, Gainesville, 32605

Contact us to sign up.

More information on the Israeli Dancing Beginner Series

We have a small, enthusiastic group in Gainesville. Our group meets once or twice a week. Contact us for times.

About Israeli Dancing

Israeli Dancing is done in a completely casual environment, friendly atmosphere and with nice people. The emphasis is on enjoying yourself, making friends, exercising and having a great evening.

With a history going back 4,000 years and a variety spanning the globe, Israeli dancing is both the newest and oldest of dances, ecompassing a huge range of styles and influences, from the Mideast, Latin America, US, Balkans, Greece, Turkey and more.

Music and dances cover many styles and paces. You will enjoy everything from smooth dances to slow haunting melodies to the sheer exuberance of flying around the floor to energetic horas and everything in between.

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