Israeli Dance Classes, Sessions and Parties

Israeli Dancing Ongoing

Regular weekly sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers.

First hour, from 7 to 8 pm, is for beginners. Generally older, easier dances, with more teaching. We go at a pace for our regularly attending beginners.

Second hour, from 8 to 9 pm, is for all dancers, geared for the intermediate dancers. We go at a fairly fast pace. Everyone is welcome. We review dances and learn new dances.

The rest of the evening is for advanced dancers and everyone is welcome.

Short 2 or 3 dance partner sets are done each hour and we change partners so everyone gets to dance. At the end of the evening we do a set of partner dances.

Israeli Dancing 101: 6-Week Beginner Series

5 or 6-week course for novice dancers, no experience needed. If you have two left feet, this course is for you.

Cafe Israel - Classic Night Israeli Dance Party

This is an Israeli dance party for everyone: new dancers, people that can only come on occassion, and for our regular weekly dancers.

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