Repertoire and Dance Selection

Our repertoire covers hundreds of dances and is growing, though we seem to be forgetting a few. Most of the dances are circle dances, with a number of partner dances, and some line dances thrown in.

We play a mix of older dances and ethnic music from all over the world - usually remade in Hebrew, as well as some of the newest, Israeli pop songs. If you have requests for teaching or dancing, you can email them in during the week as well as ask for them during class.

Dance Selection

The selection of dances the first two hours, from 7 until 9, is primarily the leader's choice, plus requests for teaching. If you would like a dance taught, make sure you ask.

The selection of dances the last two hours is primarily by request. Make sure you write your requests down on the request sheet up front. We add these to the evening playlist or better still, email them in beforehand. Put your initials next to your request, so we know who requested the dance and we can spread your requests throughout the playlist.

Each week we try to play all the dances we have been learning over the last few months. The rest of the dances we rotate through, so we try to play all the dances at least once a month or so.

We try to play all the requests that night. If we do not get to them, we try to play them the next time, if you are there. Another reason for putting your initials next to your request.

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