Israeli Dancing 101: 6-Week Beginner Series

Students enjoy a 6-week beginner series of classes for Israeli Dancing.

This is for novice dancers, though anyone can attend. The class goes very slowly, starting at the beginning, covering the basics of dancing in general and the specifics for Israeli Dancing. The class is structured for people who have never danced before.

The class is from 7 to 8 pm. Students can stay for the rest of the evening and come on Sunday for no additional fee.

This class is for people who want to start learning how to dance and want to come for the full 6 weeks. The class is intended to give students a solid foundation in dancing on which to build.

The series covers physical skills, musicality and etiquette. Students learn how to move to music and how to connect with and follow other dancers. Students learn the basic rhythms and movements that form the building blocks of the dances.

Students learn a set of classic Israeli dances that have stood the test of time, and are done in Israeli Dance beginner sessions and International Folk Dance sessions around the world.

If you dropped by Israeli Dancing on occassion, but never fully got the hang of Israeli Dancing, this is a great class for you.

If you are a new dancer, this is the the best way to start. This is a wonderful opportunity for new dancers to learn with other new dancers like themselves.

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