Cafe Israel

An Evening for Everyone

Whether this is the first time you have ever danced, you occassionally drop by, or you are a twice-a-week semi-professional, this evening is for you, that is if you want to have a party!

No skill or experience is required. There will be opportunities for everyone to dance throughout the evening.

On occassion, sometimes the first Sunday of the month, we have a night of classic, easy Israeli Dances that everyone can do. The dances are taught and reviewed each month.

We do the same favorites each month, occassionally adding a dance, so that people can learn and remember the dances. These are dances that have stood the test of time, or for newer dances, ones we expect to be classics. These dances are done in Israeli Dance groups and International Folk Dance groups all over the world.

There is a mix of both circle, line and partner dances. We also mix in some surprise dances and anything goes dances.

This is a festive, party evening. We encourage people to dress up, bring snacks and come for a great time.

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